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Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10, the PC users got anxious to get the latest version of Windows for their system. The main reason of their anxiousness was also a long array of the latest features added to Windows 10 by Microsoft. Microsoft tried its best to make this Windows more and more appealing to the users. Let’s have a look at some features it brings to the users.

Salient Features of Windows 10

It brings a wide range of universal apps for every user. The Mail, Messages, Photos, Videos, People, Music, maps and many other apps make your life comfortable. Just add your account and start using them.

It comes with the Start menu again just like you have in Windows 7. It vanished in its predecessor version of Windows 8, but you can find it now in Windows 10. The Start menu can be changed into a full-screen Start Screen for a comfortable view of the apps and the features.

The internet explorer always disappointed the users. Now, you will experience the Project Spartan explorer version in Windows 10. It comes with the latest features of browsing. Without going to your email, you can pull up the next schedule of your meetings by using the slide-in menu of Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Now you can use the same menu to comment on the friends’ posts on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Cortana, your digital assistant is also present in Windows 10. It works at your voice commands. You can search anything from your hard disk by using Cortana.

The Xbox lovers will find a powerful version of Xbox app in Windows 10 as a default app. It comes with attractive graphics and faster speed to make your gaming experience more pleasurable. The app enables you to record your victories, edit and share them with your friends. You can also view your friends’ activities by using Xbox app.

How to Get Windows 10 Crack

If you are using Windows 10 and it is not activated, just follow the instructions below to activate your Windows to enjoy its full features. Remember! Only an activated Windows 10 will give you access to its full features.

Just click the link below to access its “activation codes file.”

It will open as a Google Drive document. You need to copy the content of the file.

Now come to the desktop and right-click on it. Select “New” from the context menu and click “New Text” option from the list.

It creates a new “Notepad document” on the desktop. Just open the document and “Paste” all the content of the Google Drive file.

Save the Notepad document as “.bat” file on your desktop.

Now right-click the “.bat” file and select the option “Run as Administrator” from the list.

It launches the Command Prompt with Windows activator. Wait for a few seconds until it finishes its work.

Windows Activated

After some moments, it will show you the “Windows is Activated” message.

To “Restart” the system you need to type “Y” here.

The system restarts. Now go to the “System” to view whether it is showing “Windows is Activated” or not.

See here! It is showing your Windows is activated.

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