A no deposit casino bonus is a bonus that you get from a casino without having to make a deposit. It allows you to play casino games for free.

No deposit welcome bonus

In recent years, the no deposit bonus has become very popular, and a wide range of online casinos give out a no deposit bonus to people who are interested in trying out the casino for free.

Compared to a first deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus is typically quite small, e.g. €20 or 25 free spins.

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Do I need to sign up to get a no deposit welcome bonus?

You, you will most likely be required to sign up to get your no deposit casino bonus. You need to create a membership account with the online casino and provide them with some way of contacting you, such as a verified email address.

In some online casinos, the sign-up process for simply getting a no deposit bonus is shorter and quicker than the full sign-up process required to deposit and withdraw money from a casino account.

No deposit bonus for current members

Some casinos reward their loyal members (who have made deposits in the past) by giving them a no deposit bonus. It can, for instance, be a certain sum to play with or a number of free spins.

The no deposit free spins bonus is especially common when a new top-tier slot game is being released and the casino wants to entice their current members to try it out.

No deposit bonus offers for current members are often announced in the member newsletter, so it is a good idea to actually read the newsletter instead of deleting it unread.

Recruitment no deposit bonus

Many online casinos have a recruitment program where you can earn bonus money without having to make a new deposit. You enter the email address of a friend that you think might enjoy playing in the casino. If your friend accepts the invitation, and fulfills certain requirements, you will be awarded a bonus. The exact requirements vary from one casino to the next. In some casinos, your friend signing up and accepting her no deposit bonus will be enough to release a small award bonus to you. In others, no award bonus is released until your friend actually makes a deposit.

Wager requirements

Always check the fine print before you accept any no deposit bonus. They often come with wager requirements, which means that if you win something playing with your no deposit bonus you will not be able to withdraw the money unless you first manage to fulfill the wagering requirement without losing your money.

A no deposit welcome bonus can be a great way of checking out a new online casino, but don’t let them sucker you into making a deposit that you don’t really want to do. If you want to deposit money, then go ahead, of course. If you don’t want to, then follow your gut and refuse. Depositing €100 just because you hope to fulfill the wagering requirement and withdraw that €10 win isn’t a smart move.