UsbFix Download Full Version With [Crack/Serial Key] 2018

USBfix is A much needed Tool that everyone want to use these days. How many times has it happened to you that you plug these devices into your PC and you realize that all the files have been deleted and you do not know why, and without realizing you take it from one PC to another. Luckily, to avoid these problems, there is a specialized software, Download USBFix, the only antivirus for USb with which you can analyze and clean the removable drives.

Portable hard drives, USb, pendrive and even our mobile phone, all these are elements that use usb ports, and that can easily be infected, either on our computer or another, and there is no antivirus that is able to analyze these units effectively. .

Download USBFix portable What is it and how does it work?

USBFIX, Luckily as we said before, is an effective antivirus that gives us the ability to analyze and clean all removable drives quickly and safely, eliminating any malware, spyware, worms, Trojans and other computer viruses that may damage our information.

Download USBFix is the first thing we are going to do to use this USB antivirus. There you will find a free option and two other Premium, these include some extra features and functions that are not necessary if we only want to perform a quick cleanup, with its free version is more than enough.

With this portable antivirus on our PC, we will install and run it.

Usbfix, consists of a really simple interface, this you will see practically when you start the program. At the top has the buttons scan, and delete, with which we will start the analysis in search of viruses in the USB ports and one finalized we can eliminate any localized threat.

With this ready, we will press OK and the software will start the virus search in all these ports. In the interface you can see the number of files analyzed, the path of each, and the number of infected files that have been located, and next to this a progress bar that will indicate the time remaining to complete.

Usbfix at the end of the scan will give you a report of the threats found, and by pressing the clean button will start to delete all malicious files, viruses and other harmful elements found. For this, restart your pc.

Finally when starting again, UsbFix delivers a report in a txt file with the result of the analysis. This is usually somewhat complicated to understand, so if you are not familiar you can publish this file in its official forum, for specialists to explain and give recommendations on the result of USBfix analysis.Even so, UsbFix eliminates the detected threats. There is no need to use another program.



Features of this USB antivirus

  • It is the only antivirus for USB ports.
  • It detects all types of viruses, threats and others. Its database is constantly updated to detect the latest viruses created on the Internet.
  • It is possible to repair damaged or hidden files.
  • Vaccinate peripheral units so they do not re-infect.
  • Free download
  • To download this antivirus, enter the following link. It is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

UsbFix Download Portable 100% Working [2018 Updated]

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