Starting your own business is one of the best ways to break the script and become successful. It allows you to benefit from other peoples hard work. Not just your own. Having employees is a way to leverage their work into your success. You can never become truly rich based solely on your own work. To become truly successful you need to have employees that work for you.

I recommend that you start a business as soon as possible. It does not matter what business. You might fail but if you do, you will have learned valuable lessons that will help you when you start your next company.

Below I am going to talk about some of the most common excuses for not starting a company and why they are complete bullshit. These excuses are:

  • I do not know how to run a business.
  • I do not have the time to start a business.
  • I do not have the money to start a business.

None of these excuses are a reason not to start a business. They are never true.

start business

I do not know how to run a business

This is not a valid excuse. No one is asking you to run a large established business. You want to start a small business. No one knows how to run a business when they start their first business. People do not go to school to learn how to start a business. Learning to run a small business is something you learn by doing. Yes, you might make some mistakes along the way, but you will learn from them, and hopefully, none of them will be big enough to end your business.

You might fail when you start your first business. This is common and nothing to be ashamed of. The key thing is to learn from is and to start again. Most entrepreneurs have a failure or two before they succeed. Never be afraid to fail. Just work hard and do your best. If you fail, you should get up again and start again.

You can learn faster by networking with other small business owners so that you can learn from each other’s mistakes. But do not be afraid to do things differently. The most common way to do things is not always the best way to do things.

I do not have time to start a business

Everybody has the time to start a business. A Business does not have to be a full-time thing. The Internet has made it easier than ever to start a part-time business. You can start a business by spending as little as a few hours a week on the business. When it starts to gain traction you can increase the hours you spend on the business and reduce the hours you spend on other work. Building a business working only part-time in the business is slower than doing it full time but you can still achieve the same success.

If you are thinking that you do not have a few hours a week then you are lying to yourself. How much TV did you watch last week, how much time did you spend going to the grocery store instead of getting groceries delivered and so on? There are a thousand small ways to you can free up a few hours a week to start a business.

I do not have the money to start a business

This is one of the most persistent myths out there. That it takes a lot of money to start a business. This is simply not true. Some business requires a lot of money to start. Other businesses can be started with next to no money at all. An affiliate website is an example of a type of business that can be started with very little money. You can start an affiliate website for less than USD50 and if you work hard they can generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit every month.

Do not be afraid to start a small business on a shoestring. Later you can sell it to fund a larger business. The business you really want to start. This allows you to learn how to run a business without having invested a lot of money if you fail and it will make it easier to get financing from a bank since you have shown that you can build a company successfully.