Sportbetting can be a vice. A lot of people have lost a lot of money betting on sports or horse racing. Too many have ruined their own life and the life of their family by becoming addicted to gambling and losing everything. Sports betting can be very destructive. Sports betting can however, also be very profitable if you treat it like a profession and learn how to maximize your chances of winning money. Betting on sports successfully requires a lot of time and effort. It is not something you can do half-hearted. If you want to be able to become more than a gambler, then you will need to put in the effort required.

Becoming a successful sports bettor removes a lot of the fun out of the sportsbetting . You will start to think about every bet in a different way than those who bet for fun. Do not expect semi-professional sports betting to be fun. It is not. Sports betting will become a job, a science. If you enjoy sportsbetting and want to be able to keep enjoying it as you do now then you should not try to become more professional.

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Becoming successful

Becoming a successful sports bettor is all about minimizing the uncertainty of the best you place. To stop gambling and start taking calculated risks that you know will make you money in the long term. When you bet professionally, you only bet on events that provide you with high value. Events that offer high value are events where you get an odds that is higher than the chance of something happening.

Example: You think team A has a 50% chance of winning a game and you get the odds of 2.5 if the win. This is a bet you should be making because it is offering a lot of value. Let us pretend that you bet USD100 on the game.

Team A has a 50% chance of winning. They will win one of every 2 games.

Team A will lose one of these games and you will lose your USD 100

Team A will win the second game and you will win USD 250 (100*2.5)

After the two games have been played, you have bet a total of USD200 and won a total of USD250. A profit of USD50. You will on average earn USD 25 every time you place this bet. A very good return that makes this bet worth placing.

If you will win more than you lose if you place the same bet multiple times than that bet provides a positive value. All games with a positive value can earn you money but most successful gamblers have a minimum positive value they want a bet to provide for them to make the bet. This improves the margin of error and lower the risk associated with sportsbetting. Another reason to only make bets that offer a minimum expected value is that most gamblers do not have an unlimited budget. They, therefore, need to focus their resource where they get the best return.

How to find value

You need to know a lot about the sport in questions to be able to find and calculate which bets that provide good value correctly. The more you know about the sport you are betting on the better. Information that is widely known will already be reflected in the odds. You need to know more than the average bettor to find the games where the odds provide good value. Rolling odds where the odds are decided by the betting taking place can often offer good value if there is important information that is not yet widely knows.

Fixed offs is not affected by how people are betting. They are set by a professional working for the odds company. To become truly successful you need to know more than the professional setting the odds for the sportsbook. To be able to know more than the person setting the odds you need to devote a lot of time following everything that is happening in your sport of choice. You have one advantage compared to the person setting the odds. The person setting the odds can only consider what is known when the odds are set. You can consider all information that becomes known until the betting close. Usually when the event in question starts. This information advantage can be enough to make a living from sports betting. I do however recommend that you always know more than the person setting the odds.

The way to make sure that you always know more than the people setting the odds is to focus. By focusing on a single sport, a single league you are able to make sure that you know this league a lot better than the person setting the odds. The person setting the odds is likely  tasked to set the odds on a wider selection of events and can therefore not specialize as far as you can.

The key to successful sportsbetting is to be an expert on one single thing. Not to know a lot about all sports. People who try to bet on several sports will find it harder to make money. Focus and prosper.