ReiBoot Download Free For Windows And Mac With Serial Key 2018

One of the most common problems when we try to update or jailbreak our Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) is that they are left hanging with the apple, with the black screen, or with the iTunes icon and the Lightning cable. To get out of this mode we have to connect the device and restore it through iTunes, something that makes us lose all the data, phones, photos, among others, that we have saved. However, the people of Tenorshare have created software that allows us to exit the recovery mode simply by connecting the device to the computer.Then we tell you the main features and operation of this application, completely free and compatible with Windows operating systems and Mac OS X.

The best of all is that this application will allow you to do what iTunes does not let you, keep in mind that when an Apple device goes into recovery mode, the media player of the Californian firm will force you to restore the device and erase all the data that it contains, to be able to exit the recovery mode, however, thanks to ReiBoot you will be able to recover your device without having to erase all the information that your device contains.

Once the software is installed you will be able to verify that this process is very simple, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface it will allow you to leave or put, easily and quickly, your iOS device in recovery mode with just a click and avoiding that you have to go through iTunes.


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Main features of ReiBoot

Thanks to this application it will be possible to enter and exit the recovery mode whenever you want, both in the version for Mac computers (works in Macbook, iMac and more) and for Windows computers you can always exit or enter the recovery mode in your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

  • If the device stays in the Apple logo, in the iTunes logo, it restarts automatically or with the black screen, you can easily restart it.
  • Even if the device is locked, you can restore your device to its factory settings.
  • You can put the iPhone and iPad in recovery mode even though the Home or Power button does not work.
  • Fix the iPhone when it gets stuck with the iTunes logo and the Lightning cable when trying to update the firmware, jailbreak or restore a backup copy.

The program is completely free, fast to use and it is not necessary to register to use it. You just have to download the program, install it on your computer and then you can exit or enter the recovery mode on iPhone and iPad with just one click, in a process that could take only a few minutes.

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