An important part of breaking the script is to reprogram your mind into a mind that is built for success. Most of us develop destructive habits during our early and adult life. We should always procrastinate, not pushing yourself or believing that you can’t do any better.

Reprogramming your mind makes it easier to succeed since it no longer takes effort to do the right thing. It comes naturally.


Creature of habit

Humans are creatures of habits. A lot of our decisions are made automatically based on what we usually do. It takes a lot of effort to act contrary to your habit. This is why it can be so hard to start eating healthier or to exercise more. You are not only exercising. You are also fighting your mind that thinks what you are doing is wrong. It is not what has worked for you so far.

The fact that humans are habits of creatures can be both a blessing and a curse. It makes it hard to change bad habits but it also allows you to keep good habits with next to no effort at all. Bad habits can lead to a spiral of ever worse habits. But with a little effort, you can turn this spiral into a positive spiral that leads to ever-better habits.

One change at the time

By focusing on changing one habit at a time you can slowly reprogram your mind and build a better you that lives a better life. The reason for this is that you can keep building on prior changes.

Let’s say that you want to live healthier. You want to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise more. Many try to achieve all three things at once, and they fail miserably because their mind is fighting them. The mind gives them excuses not to exercise, to eat unhealthy etc. Most people do not have the will power to change their entire life at once. This is usually doomed to fail

A better option is to focus on one thing at the time. Do not try to eat healthier and start to exercise at the same time. It might feel silly to exercise when you keep eating just as unhealthy as ever but that is not the case. By allowing yourself to keep eating unhealthy you can focus all your energy on making sure that you really do exercise. After a month this will have become a habit that takes little effort to keep. You can now focus your energy on eating healthier since you no longer need to fight your mind to go out to exercise. Focusing on one thing at the time takes longer time but give you a lot higher chances of success. Try to do everything and you are likely to fail, do one thing at a time and you are likely to succeed.

Small changes

If you want to increase your chances of success even fiurther you can break down the goal of eating healthier in to even smaller changes to your habit. You can start week one by saying that you are no longer going to eat crisp. Avoid one thing is not that hard. Week two you can say you are going to avoid all candy. Week 3, you can strive to eat more greens every day. This way, you can make micro changes to your habits each week, which leads to desired bigger change. To eat more healthy.

Once you have started to eat healthier and exercise your third goal of losing weight will come automatically. Once you have changed your habits, you can easily keep your new habits, and you can focus your willpower on improving other things in your life.

The goals of eating healthier and exercising more are examples. The same methods can be used to change or create any habit.

Using habits for good

Habits can be used to make your life easier. Look at Marc Zuckerberg. He always uses the same type of Tshirt in the same color. He has a lot of them. This allows him to spend no energy what so ever on deciding what he should wear. This allows him to use this energy for other things. This can be beneficial since all decisions, no matter how small will use up some of the will power you have for the day.

Using this to your benefit creates habits that make your life easier and saves you from having to think about certain things. Get a uniform that you always wear, always eat the same thing on the same day for lunch and so on. Create habits so you do not have to waste any energy on things you do not want to waste energy on.