Poker is a skill-based, and you can ear a lot of money playing poker if you are willing to put in the effort to become a skilled player. It is very hard to become a world class player that plays at the highest levels possible. To become a world class poker player, you need to work hard and have a natural affinity for the game. Anybody can not become a world class player. However, Anyboudy can become a winning player that earns an income from poker. You do not need to be a great player to win money. You just have to be better than your opponents. You might not be able to sit down with the best players in the world and win, but yuo can learn how to beat the others local players in your area. You can learn how to make money playing online poker.


What games to play

If you want to earn money playing poker you should focus on games where you play against other players. You should never play any casino poker game such as Caribbean stud poker or casino Holdem. These games can not be beaten. You will lose money.

There are several different poker games to play where you play against other players. Below I am going to look a little bit closer at some of these games and if they are a good choice to play.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the most popular type of poker in the world. It is the game that is easiest to find in offline casinos and it offer the largest selection of opponents to play against if you plat online. Texas Holdem is an excellent game to play for profit. You will always find a lot of opponents on all levels. You will find players that are suitable to play against when you first get started and you will be able to find very high stakes games as you become a more skilled players. The drawback to playing Texas Holdem is that there is a lot of very skilled Texas Holdem players out there. You will need to chose the players you play against well to make sure you do not end up playing against players that is more skilled than you.

Omaha Holdem

Omaha Holdem is another popular game that is similar to Texas Holdem but played with 4 pocket cards (you are only allowed to use 2 of them). The number of players playing Omaha Holdem is a lot lower than those playing Texas Holdem. For every 10 that are playing Texas Holdem, there might be one who plays Omaha Holdem. Omaha Holdem is a popular high roller game.

I do not recommend that you play Omaha. The number of players is too low, and too many of the players are very skilled. It can be a good game to transit to once you become more experienced as it is easy to find high roller action. It is not a good game for beginners.

Stud poker

Stud poker is another type of poker that can be a good option for beginners. You will not find too many other players to play against but the skill level of stud players is usually rather low on most sites.

Draw poker

Draw poker is normally not a good choice to play for profit. You get very little information about the other player’s card, and the element of chance is therefore too big. The risk is too high. I recommend that you play a game with visible or community card. A game with more information available to the players.


An Asian poker game that you should avoid. There are not enough players to justify playing this game. If you want to play an Asian game for money, then the tiles can be a better option.

How to become a skilled player

There are plenty of books written about how to play poker. Many of these books are very good and can teach you everything you have to know to get started. They will teach you both basic and more advanced strategies, the odds of the opponent having a certain hand, the odds of you getting the card you need, How to calculate the pot odds and a number of other things. I personally recommend that you read Doyle Bronsons Super System serveral times. It is one of the best books written on the topic and is oftenr referred to like the poker players bible.

Book learning will only teach you so much. There is no substitute for experience. The best way to build experience is to play online. By playing online you can quickly gain a lot of experience. Online play is faster and allow you to play on several tables at the same time. In one night you can play more hands than you could do in a month in the casino. In a month you can build several years worth of experience.

You have to be willing to lose money while you are learning. If you have read the book Ii recommended you should be able to keep the loses to a minimum or you might even start earning money from week one.

I do not recommend playing using a demo account. You will not learn anything. People play very differently on these tables then they do in real life. You will learn to wrong things by playing on these tables. I recommend that you instead chose to play on low stakes table. These will be a better learning experience.