It is not easy for you to go to the massage spa or therapists daily. The only thing you can do is to buy your massage chair to continue taking a massage on a regular basis. But the question is how to purchase a massage chair to avoid any unpleasant situation. I’d recommend you to look at trusted massage chairs reviews before buying your chair, and here are some of the best massage chairs of 2017 you must have a look on these. That’s why I am going to write a few tips for the readers who are planning to buy a massage chair.

Where will you Place the Massage Chair?

The first thing you need to sort out the space problem. If you have a large bedroom, you can adjust the massage chair there. If your room is small sized, you need to select any other place for it where it could be in your access. Don’t put it close to the wall because a massage chair with recliner will not move properly if you place it close to the wall. Well, try to find a suitable place. If there is no space in your home, you can cancel the plan for purchasing the massage chair. Instead, you can buy a portable massage cover that can convert any ordinary chair into the massage chair.

Height of the User

Mostly, massage chairs provide the service to a person with a height 5’10”. If you are smaller than the average height, the back rollers will roll on a high level. The roller for backrest area will move on your neck or head. So, you should consider the height while purchasing this chair.

Important Features

You should also review the main features and modes of the chair before purchasing. Compare the features of different rival massage chairs to make an idea about the best pick. You will find the expanding air bags in a few massage chairs to relax your feet and legs and some other have the same function for hips and backrest. So, while keeping in view your requirements and the features, you can make a right choice. Another important aspect is its intensity level. You need to compare the power level of different chairs. Some chairs will apply high pressure on the backrest to give you a firm kneading while other chairs apply mild pressure like tapping. You should select a chair according to your required intensity level.

The Budget

The Budget

If you have a limited budget, you should not try to get a high-priced chair. It is quite a foolish step then. Just try to find a suitable chair for you to get a sigh of relief from the backbone pains. You do not need to spend a lot of money on one massage chair. Just think about the price and look for a suitable one while remaining in your budget. It does not sound cool that a costly massage machine can give you a good quality massage. It is not at all true. Just try to find out a right machine under your budget line and buy it. If it is out of the budget, you can purchase a massage cover that could be used on any regular seat.