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Windows 8.1 crack

Windows 8.1 came in a quite different style as compared to Windows XP or 7. It is very similar to Windows 8. However, it came with some unique features to cover all of the follies the users found in its predecessor. So, Microsoft launched it with an idea of perfection.

Why Download Windows 8.1 Crack?

Windows 8.1 comes with a large number of attractive and useful features. If you activate the Windows 8.1, you can use all built-in apps and features of this Window. So, it becomes necessary to download Windows 8.1 crack.

Let’s have a look at the Smart features of Windows 8.1 to know why you should download it.

It allows you to access the camera from the Lock Screen directly. So, you do not need to login to your account to access the camera.

The Lock Screen is multipurpose. It is not only a Lock Screen but also a digital photo album. You can run a slideshow of your favorite photos on the Lock Screen. It displays the photos of the same year.

Windows 8.1 makes the multitasking easier and smoother now. You can split the screen into multiple screens to work with great ease. On one side, your favorite movie is running and on another screen, you can check emails.

It has a built-in Xbox Radio Music app. The crazy music lovers will love to have this app. You can experiment with the app to create your own radio station by using all of the music tracks you have on your hard disk drive. It is quite free for Windows 8.1 users and needs no subscription.

It has Windows Store that is a combination of Google Play & Apple’s App Store to provide you with a wide range of free apps & games and a variety of paid apps.

In Windows 8.1, the Settings feature is presented in a smart way. It comes in an easy-to-navigate menu that includes everything such as display settings, camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and all other settings.

Windows 8.1 enables you to save every file or folder direct into SkyDrive that is Window’s cloud. You can save the hard disk space for other stuff. Not even your documents, but also you can save your games into the SkyDrive. You can access all the content even when you are offline.

Bing Smart Screen is your digital assistant. It combines the hard disk and the search engine. Anything you type in it, you will see the relevant stuff not from your hard disk drive, but also from the web.

How to Download & Install Windows 8.1 Crack

It is quite easy to download the Windows 8.1 crack. Just click the below-given link to download its mirror file.

Click to the file to unzip the content.

Once it is over, just click to the file to install it.

It asks to provide you with the serial key. Just add the key given below and that’s it, guys.

Now you can enjoy your full-featured Windows 8.1. It is an activated version of Windows 8.1.

Download Windows 8.1 Crack + Activation Keys

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