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Nitro Pro 10 PDF Tool

PDF needs no intro. It is considered the most widely used file format around the world. It is not only used in the educational field, but also in the corporate world to organize their documentation, agreements and contracts, etc. But it is not for everyone as it is a bit difficult to learn and understand the format of PDF and the process of creating the documents in it.

Nitro PDF 10 allows you to create, convert, edit, sign and share the PDF files. It is very easy and straightforward software you can use for more productivity in your business. Nitro Pro enables you to share the PDF files to every platform and device. The conversion technology of Nitro Pro and extraction tools make it easy for you to repurpose images and text extracts from the documents, presentations and agreements to reuse somewhere else. While sharing the files, you have peace of mind because know that it is compatible with every operating system.

Nitro Pro 10 Features

Create & Combine: It lets you create the PDF documents in a professional way from any format or content such as reports, spreadsheet, scanned documents and presentation, etc.

Edit Text & Images: It can edit the text or images quickly. You can add images or text in the PDF files. The revolutionary editing tools enable you to extract the individual page or remove it from the document. It also edits the page, watermark, header and footer. You can apply Bates numbering by using the editing tool.

Convert & Export: The convert & Export feature of Nitro Pro 10 enables you to repurpose the images, documents, a particular portion of the text and even the entire page. It converts the PDF file into Word, Excel and Image. It also exports the text or images. It extracts the pages, snapshots and creates copies of the file.

Scan & OCR: It prepares the documents and images for digital archival. You can use the Optical Character Recognition feature of the Nitro Pro 10 for images or documents to create the editable layers of the text. It also creates the searchable layers of the text. It scans the PDF files.

Multi-language Support: The Nitro Pro 10 supports all of the renowned languages of the world. So, the users of PDF around the globe can use it for official and personal documentation.

Review & Collaborate: It reviews the documents, images and particular text in any document. You can use it to stamp the documents, sort out and manage the comments, markup the reviews, and add shapes or pencil markups to it. You can also use the Collaborate tool to attach different files to the document. It is absolutely compatible with Adobe.

Certify & Sign: The QuickSign feature of the Nitro Pro 10 enables you to add an electronic sign to the document and return it within a few seconds. The digital signature is certifiable. It approves and certifies the documents with the dynamic stamps with time and date. The certification stamps are customizable.

Protection: The document is fully protected due to the Control Document feature. You can apply this feature to the document and it will be only accessed by the individuals you allow.

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