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NetLimiter Pro 4 version

NetLimiter Pro has been designed for Windows users. It controls the internet traffic by creating quick and easy to follow rules for all apps that are connected to the internet. If you are a professional internet user, you will surely want to control the internet traffic perfectly by using a traffic controlling utility. NetLimiter Pro does the same job. Sometimes, you have a limited bandwidth and you want to use it for a particular task or app. unfortunately some other apps use more bandwidth and thus, you face annoying situations. Here is how you can control the internet uploading or downloading traffic of your internet connection by using the NetLimiter. It manages your internet connection and the apps using the bandwidth with or without being noticed by you.

How Does It Work?

When you launch the tool, it sets the downloading and uploading internet transfer rate limit for every app individually. It monitors the internet traffic regularly. Besides the traffic control, it comes with a distinguished set of internet statistical tools such as the real-time traffic measurement and internet traffic statistics for every app.

NetLimiter Pro Crack Features

It controls the internet bandwidth for the computer and for every app individually.

It is a strong connection blocker.

It provides you with the detailed internet traffic statistics.

The latest version of NetLimiter Pro is v4.0.15.0 that comes with some more international languages. So, you can use this tool in your regional language.

It contains a Monitor version in V4.0.15.0 with free registration.

It has a WHOIS, Ping a TraceRoute in its latest version.

The Stats Plugging is redeveloped in it.


It is very easy to use.

It is absolutely free.

It is available in all important languages around the world.

The NetLimiter does not only manage your internet connection, but also every individual app.


Some users complain that it slows down the system occasionally.

How to Download and Install NetLimiter

Click the links below to download the NetLimiter pro and the Crack software.

Install both of them.

NetLimiter crack comes in “.rar” file. You need to unzip the content from crack and also from NetLimiter pro version.

Once you have installed the NetLimiter crack. Do not open the application.

Just press “Windows key + R” to launch the Run dialogue box.

Now type here “services.msc” and press “Enter” to move ahead.

Here in services, you need to stop “NetLimiter” service.

Now Open the unzipped Crack folder and select the Operating System crack. Search the file “NetLimiter.Runtime.dll” from the crack folder. Copy the file once you get it.

In the installation directory, you need to search the “NetLimiter.Runtime.dll” file and replace it with the cracked file.

Now restart the “NetLimiter 4 Service.”

Now, you need to add the serial key. Click below to download the serial key.

Put the serial key in the given box.

That’s all guys! You have done a great job. Enjoy a controlled bandwidth of the internet. You can customize the bandwidth for every app individually. Just set a bandwidth and have a chill.

NetLimiter Pro Crack + Serial Key

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