Dividend investing is the secret to becoming wealthy. It is, without a doubt the easiest way to become rich. Anyone can retire a millionaire if they start dividend investing when they are young. As little as 50 000 invested during your 20s can be enough to make you a millionaire before you retire. This is the power of dividend investing and compound interest, It is almost hard to fail than it is to become a millionaire using these techniques,

Dividend investing is a great way to become rich, but it is not a fast way. It is a boring, safe way to invest. If you want to become rich faster than you should look into CFD trading or into starting your own company.

I can not recommend dividend investing too strongly, and I think that you should make sure to invest in dividend stocks even if you are working hard to become wealthy at a younger age. Invest in dividend stock as a back up so that you know that you will be able to retire in style even if you are unable to become rich and successful during your professional life. Dividend investing is a fantastic plan B. If you do all that you can to be able to invest as much money as possible each month and invest aggressively in dividend stock then you might be able to retire very young with an income that will last for the rest of your lifetime.


What is dividend investing?

Dividend investing is a style of investing where you focus on investing in companies that has a long history of paying high and reliable dividends. Companies that pay dividends every year, and that has a history of rising that dividend every year.

The goal is to invest in high-quality companies and to keep those investments for a very long term. Your goal should be to never sell a stock once you have bought it. You are looking for companies that are likely to keep growing, and that is likely to keep paying a high dividend 5, 10, and even 50 years from now. A dividend investor might be forced to sell stocks because it is impossible to predict the future but when he is looking for stock to invest in he is looking for stock he will hopefully never have to sell. Technological or other changes might, however, prove him wrong at a later date and then he might choose to sell the stock and reinvest them in another dividend stock.

Dividend invest is all about stability. The goal is to build a stock portfolio that increases in value every year, and that keeps paying a high dividend each year.

Why are dividend stocks such a good investment?

Dividend stock is a superior option if you are looking to invest for your retirement or to become financially independent. If you invest in regular stock then you need to sell your stock to get money to buy things for. This is not true for dividend stocks. They pay you regular dividends. These dividends are paid as cash into your bank account. The dividends might be paid once a year or once a quarter. Once a year is most common in European stock while once a quarter is more common in US stock. Owning dividend stock provides you with an income without you ever having to sell your stock. This income will keep rolling in forever as long as you are invested in dividend stocks.

If you have 2 million invested in stock for your retirement and have to sell stock to get cash then you might run out of money if you live too long. Your financial situation will become increasingly worse as your savings dwindle.

If you have 2 million invested in dividend stocks, then you are likely to earn as much as 100 000 in dividends each year. This is enough for you to live on. If you live on these 100 000 each year without selling any stock then you will never run out of money. You can keep all your stock that keeps going up in value and keep paying a higher dividend each year.

If you invest in dividend stocks, you keep getting richer after you have retired. If you have to sell stock to live then you will slowly get poorer and poorer.

Make sure to reinvest your dividend whenever you can to keep increasing your wealth.