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AVG 2018 Free Edition (Antivirus AVG Free Edition ) is a totally free antivirus tool . Once installed, you can download automatic periodic updates at no charge. By default it is searched daily for new updates in the virus database, but you can configure the search periodicity.

This product is very reliable and has already been chosen by millions of Internet users in the world because it has no cost, but also because it is efficient and consumes few resources , which makes it fast and does not slow down the PC like other antivirus. Its intelligent technology allows that while other tasks are performed on the PC, the analysis process works with low priority, moving to high priority mode when it detects that there is inactivity.

In order to optimize the analysis , AVG keeps data and statistics to be taken into account in future analyzes, avoiding analyzing healthy files that have not been modified; achieving in this way reduce the time it takes to scan the entire disk, or the selected folders.

In addition to antivirus, it includes an Anti-Spyware tool to detect threats whose objective is to spy, steal data or display advertisements; and another Anti-Rootkit tool, as well as a new anti-phishing protection tool, to prevent the user from entering false pages that attempt to steal data, deceiving and making the user believe that they are accessing the official page, for example, from a bank.

This application also offers protection in real time through its AVG Online Shield tool, which acts when any file is opened, a program is executed, the mail is read, etc. While browsing the internet, another tool comes into play: LinkScanner , whose function is to analyze the security of the web pages visited, blocking access to those in which phishing, malicious scripts, or some other type of threat is detected.

This new version 2018 adds security and protection while browsing social networks , such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace; through a tool that analyzes each exchange made with other network contacts, in search of viruses or Trojans. It incorporates a tool called “File Shredder”, responsible for deleting files that may be related to an activity known as snooping, which aims to intercept data from a network with the intention of stealing information or spy on the activity of users who are connected.

AVG Antivirus

AVG 2016 had managed to improve the interface and had added a gadget on the desktop (Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista) to scan the system from it. It improves the compatibility with firewall tools developed by other companies, and what is more important: it improves the performance even more and allows to reach faster analysis.

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The latest version, AVG 2018 (17.8.3036) was updated in November 2017. It works on systems with 32 or 64 bits, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000. It is available in Spanish.

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