All CPU Meter Download Free For All Version Windows 2018

The “All CPU Meter” is one of the most popular Windows Gadgets. The gadget presents all information about CPU and RAM in a clear and tidy way on a nice interface. Even the core temperature shows you the gadget – provided that the Core Temp application runs in the background.

The setting options of the small, compact and very simple tool are limited, but easy to understand. The CPU meter does exactly what it promises – nothing more, nothing less. In the latest version 4.7.3 some bugs have been fixed. All further changes can be found in the changelog on the homepage of the manufacturer.

Conclusion: If you want to know more about the inner workings of your computer and, for example, want to read out the memory requirements of individual programs, then the “All CPU Meter” is the right choice. Currently the best CPU meter!


  • Processor Usage
  • Ram Usage
  • Page File Usage.
  • Size Adjustable
  • CPU Frequency
  • Processor Icons
  • Processor Name
  • Computer Domain and Username
  • Cores Temperatures
  • Alert CPU Temperature
  • Graph (Show / Hide)
  • Line
  • Filled
  • Double Click On Background Show
  • Task Manager
  • Resource Monitor
  • Refresh Rate Adjustable
  • Auto Update Notifier
  • Color Adjustable
  • Background
  • Text
  • Bar
  • Graph
  • Reset To Default Setting

Flyout Features (Click on icon or title to show the info)


  • Manufacturer
  • Processor Name
  • Caption
  • Processor Id
  • Max Clock Speed
  • Front-Side Bus
  • L2 Cache Size
  • L3 Cache Size
  • Current Voltage
  • Number Of Cores
  • Number Of Logical Processors

All CPU Meter Download For Windows 7,8,10, 100% Free And Updated

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