Welcome to my website about breaking the script. About how to become rich and successful. I will teach you how you can break the script and win money in a casino, how you can break the script to make a lot of money while investing and how to improve your life in general. This website is all about improving your life by only playing the games that you know that you can win. About how you can make money on things that are designed to lose you money.

Life is hard or is it…

There is a lot in life that is designed to benefit someone else. Most things in life are designed with the purpose of benefiting someone else. Usually the state or the business owners. It is easy to get trapped by how the world is designed and to accept that life is a struggle. But it does not have to be. Life does not have to be hard.

If you know how different systems are built. If you know how they are designed then you can exploit these systems and make sure that they benefit you. I am not talking about breaking the law, just about using the systems in the best way possible. The people who have built the systems will thank you for it. A gambler who wins money will attract more people who play by the script and lose. An investor that earns a lot of money trading CFD certificates or Forex will attract more people to the broker. A low number of people who break the script is beneficial for the people who designed the system. The key is to be one of the few who break the script. On this website, I will teach you how to break the script and become successful.

First rule: Never gamble!

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The first rule might seem strange since I have already told you that I am going to teach you how to break the script and learn to win money by playing casino games. I did not say that you should not play casino games. I said that you should not gamble. To gamble is to risk money or something else on an event where you do not know the outcome. This is something you should never do. There are however casino games and other games that you know will provide you with a possible result. You might not be able to know what will happen if you play the game in question once. But you can know what will happen if you play the game 1000 or 10 000 times. You should only play games that you know will give you a positive return over time and you should always stick to the strategies that you now will produce that result. Acting on a hunch might provide a positive result on a single occasion but always produce a worse result over time.

If you chose to play casino games then you should only play games that allow you to expect a positive return over time. There are a number of different games like this. Many of them require skill but some of them do not. Examples of casino games that can earn you money like this include:

Full pay video poker

Certain full pay video poker machines have a return to player of more than 100% if played using optimal strategy. Ie they allow you to make money while playing them. You can read more about these machines and where to find them on my page about casino gambling.


In some casinos, you are allowed to rent the baccarat table and play as the bank. This will enable you to benefit from the edge that is typically reserved for the casino. This can be very profitable.

Some types of blackjack

Counting cards can beat some types of blackjack. Counting cards is not cheating, and it is not illegal, but casinos frown upon it. Learning how to count cards is something everybody can learn, but it does take some time and effort. Read more here.


Poker games where you play against other players such as Texas Holdem poker are skilled based games and can be excellent ways of earning money as long as you are willing to spend the time it takes to become a good player. Never play any table poker games such as casino stud or Caribbean stud. They will lose you money. Read more here.

Sports Betting

Sports betting can be an excellent way to earn money as long as you take the time to learn how to do it right. How to turn it into a profession instead of a vice. Read more here.

Rule 2: Leverage is your friend

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Leverage is a great tool to use in your life. This is true if you are trying to move a large rock and if you are trying to earn money on the markets. By using leverage when you invest, you can earn profits that are a lot larger than those you would otherwise be able to achieve. Leverage allows you to earn the same profits as a much richer man. Using leverage allows you to earn money quickly and to earn large profits from the market even if you do not have a lot to invest.

Please note that leverage also increases potential loses, and leverage should only be used responsibly.

Starting a business and hiring other people to earn money for you is another way to use leverage to your benefit. Your leverage the workers to be able to do more and earn more.

Rule 3: Always work hard

If you want to succeed you have to be willing to work hard. This is true regardless of what you want to do. Make sure to always devote yourself to your goal and do what you have to do to succeed.

Rule 4: Do not strive for perfection

This rule will surprise some. Perfection is a good thing, isn’t it? No, perfection is not a good thing. Perfection is an illusion that reduces efficiency. You can never achieve perfection. Your goal should be to become good at what you do, better than the competition, but do not get tricked into searching perfection. This will only waste time that you could use to learn new skills or to earn money.

Rule 5: Focus

It is very easy to try to do too much at once. This will prevent you from succeding. Focus on one thing after the other. This makes it a lot easier to succeed.

More rules will be added as I add more guides to the website.