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So a Robot Builds a whole House for 9500 Euros

The Germans are struggling to make a huge difference when it comes to the inexpensive construction of apartments. Project developers and the construction industry are constantly claiming that a new apartment can hardly be built today for less than 2500 or even 3000 euros per square meter.


That it can also be different, has now proved an American-Russian start-up. A 3-D print robot from the company Apis Cor has printed the shell of a complete house. Including all the extensions – doors, windows, façade and technical equipment – the house cost just a little more than 10,000 dollars (converted around 9500 euros) as the company calculates on its website.

While German construction companies can produce just four square meters for this sum, Apis Cor is building a whole house for a single square meter of 260 euros for the same money.

So a robot builds a whole house for 9500 euros

The gross floor area of ​​the yellow round building is around 38 square meters. For two people or temporarily a small family could be enough. According to the company, the company thinks of settlements that are quickly established, for example for refugees in crisis areas.

Shell construction within 24 hours

The 3-D printer looks like a small crane and sprays a special concrete mix during its slow turning movements. This produces round walls within a few hours, which can then be expanded immediately. This distinguishes this design from other 3-D techniques, which are already in use.

Until now, the manufacturers “print” single modules, which are then transported and assembled on site. Frequently adjustments are necessary. Here, however, the Apis Cor robot arrives at the construction site and immediately erects a completed building. The shell takes only 24 hours, and costs around 4000 dollars, the expansion further about 6000 dollars.

Do you know these robots can’t still match the quality of agents in Austin Texas, I myself bought a house with them and I’m happy with its quality.

Several companies were involved in the project, some of which produced special building materials. The most important partner was the Russian project developer PIK Companies. A Russian window manufacturer also supplied glasses with such high insulation values ​​that they could not only defy the Russian winter but also meet the strict requirements of the German KfW-55 standard.

Special wall plaster came from Germany

But also a company from Germany was on board: Bitex from Obernburg on the Main delivered a mineral friction protection, which due to a special composition with tiny granite balls offers an additional insulating property. The facade paint, on the other hand, is particularly water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

The Korean technology group Samsung also participated and could score with one of its “curved” TV devices, which were otherwise in demand among the customers: the slightly curved screen ideally suited the round wall form of the building.

The cottage was built on a company premises in Stupino near Moscow. The technicians had to deal with temperatures of up to minus 35 degrees. On the other hand, an ambient temperature of at least five degrees is better. Under such conditions even an even faster construction is possible, according to Apis Cor.

Top 10 Philosophers

Top 10 Greatest Philosophers In History

It is important to consider that the philosophy is science in its traditional sense. There is a list of some great philosophers of the history that are categorized according to the depth of insight, influence and their wide-reaching interest in numerous subjects. In short, these people are lovers of wisdom.

  1. John Locke

John Locke was the rhetoric of the Thomas Jefferson in the Independence affirmation and also the rhetoric in the United States. Locke is known as the father of Liberalism as he generated such kind of principles that are based on an individual freedom and humanism. His famous phrase was “government with the consent of the governed”. Life, Liberty, and Estate are three natural rights that were introduced by Locke.

  1. Epicurus

Epicurus is thought to be an atheist and was popular because of his famous statement that “Don’t fear god: don’t worry about death: what is good is easy to get: what is terrible is easy to endure”. He believed that all the intangible things can be manipulated easily and he always gave the lesson to stay happy in your life. He gave an idea to avoid the pain, treat others happily and live your life the way you want. According to his theory, if you won’t harm others, you will not be harmed by others. His message was consisted of the peace, love and happiness.

  1. Zeno of Citium

According to his theory, everything that brings displeasure in our lives and causes us to suffer in life is actually an inaccuracy in our opinion. Moreover, everyone has a proper control on the emotions. Depression, anger, and ecstasy are simple problems in the persons’ attitude.

  1. Avicenna

Avicenna’s full name is Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina. He resided in the Persian Empire from c. 980 AD to 1037. He was a well-known physician an philosopher. His most popular writings named The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine in which all the medical knowledge was combined. The Book of Healing contains all information related to music, math, and science.

  1. Thomas Aquinas

Thomas did a tremendous job by giving strong argument related to the God existence. He said that it is impossible to believe that the whole universe is created by itself and every survival has a beginning and an end. His famous phrase is “one who moves while not moving”. His five arguments for the God existence are very famous.

  1. Confucius

He is a well-known philosopher of the ancient history. He introduces principles related to ethics and politics. His ideas about Emperor are based on honesty and respect. He also gives the independent version of the Golden Rule.

  1. Rene Descartes

He is known as the Father of Modern Philosophy. He generated an analytical geometry that is based on immortal Cartesian coordinate system. His major discoveries are the Laws of refraction and reflection.

  1. Paul of Tarsus

Paul believed that there are ten commandments of the God’s moral law that was understood by all people. He said that the Christ was the finest that the world would ever see.

  1. Plato

He is known as a great philosopher and he argued that there is something that has created the whole universe. He said that all the things in the universe, our bodies are less real than the creator.

  1. Aristotle

He is another great philosopher who gave four reasons or qualities of anything that come into existence. The material cause, formal cause, effective cause, the final cause that explains that what is the purpose of the creation and what type of material it is, and what is the effectiveness of the thing that is created.

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